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Title Image: A single room system, housing a home cinema system.

London Home Automation Design

After talking with our client about exactly what they wanted from there system we got to work on the home automation design process. The specification of the project was simple, our client wanted to be able to use the system without a second thought and allow anyone within the house to be able to pick it up quickly and easily. Using this information we designed the system around a Control4 control system, giving our client a user friendly navigation screen and more importantly the ability to control his lighting, audio and video devices all from one remote control.

The Lighting design and Audio Visual design was specified by us and working with the clients interior designers we made sure that the equipment and designs suited the homes interior characteristics. The audio system was distributed to each zone specified by our client, using a Sonos wireless streaming system and Control4 Matrix amplifier allowed each audio zone to be controlled from the clients Phone, Ipod, PC or Laptop and Control4 system.  The addition of a 4×4 HD matrix allowed us to give our client four zones of HD video and have four separate sources of their choice.

The lighting design was carefully designed by our fully trained lighting designers to give the best look and feel of lighting all around the house. The lighting system installed was a wireless Rako system. A combination of dimmable spot lights, LED lighting strips, 5 amp lamps and chandeliers were all carefully designed and installed. The advantages of using this was that our client can control the lighting via their phone or Control4 system, allowing them to change and set different scenes levels for each room whenever they wanted.

This project from the initial home automation design process was a pleasure to complete for  our client.

See the pictures below on some of our design process, including CAD lighting drawings, audio schematics and rack designs.


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