Cinema Build Systems

Cinema Build Systems are one of the home cinema installation industries most innovative  designer and manufacturer of components for building cinema rooms including space frame, acoustics screens and fabric track walling systems. Inspire Audio Visual are proud to exclusively use their products in all our of our home cinema and media room installations.  

Fabric tracking 

A cinema room with fabric walling not only provides a luxurious feel to the room but it adds to the audio performance. Speakers are hidden behind the fabric, also covering acoustic treatments, increasing the audio performance within the room. The track system can be cut to size to suit any room shape and design and with infinite number of fabric choices, a bespoke cinema room designed and installed by Inspire Audio Visual will be like no other. 

Space Frame

Cinema Build Systems unique ‘space frame’ system provides a pre-built and engineered way to build out the cinema room walls, ready for cables, speakers, acoustic treatment and fabric track. The modular system can be designed and pre-built to provide a room with coffered ceilings, louvered walls, drastically reducing the build time of a cinema room. Each piece of the system is pre cut, allowing our team to construct the room like  Lego. 


With a range of home cinema screens to choose from, there isn’t a product from Cinema Build Systems which doesn’t suit a project.  Whether its a traditional 16:9 format for sports or 2.4:1 for wide screen movies, we can build a screen that suits your room size and viewing. We can even provide a screen which changes format, depending on whats being watched, which, when combined with a control system, it allows viewers to see their content in the best possible way. 

So whats next?

So that we can propose the right system for you and your family, we need to understand your requirements. We offer an initial free consultation so why not get in touch to discuss your ideas for your home. 

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