Crestron Home

Crestron Home uses a beautifully designed and intuitive interface which makes controlling any device in your home simple. Inspire Audio Visual are experts in designing homes using Crestron Home to control their intelligent homes, adding both convenience and luxury. To talk to us about your new Crestron installation, please contact us. 


As experienced Crestron installers, Inspire Audio Visual can design the best system for your home, controlling all your entertainment systems from once place, allowing access to movies, music, gaming and sports across every room in your home.  Instead of having a collection of remote controls, a dedicated Crestron remote can turn on the TV, control the Sky Q box and increase the volume of the TV audio. From the Crestron Home app, listening to your favorite tracks or playlists from Spotify has never been easier.  


When integrated with your security system, a Crestron Home installation provides safety and peace of mind, whether your home or away. Creston Home offers best in class technology to assure every aspect of your security, in one smart home  system and available from a single app. If you get the feeling you forgot to lock your front door, you can check from the Crestron app if the lock is engaged and if not, it can be locked. You can set and unset your alarm remotely so there’s no need to give your alarm passcode to anyone working in the house. 


A Crestron Home installation by Inspire Audio Visual will add simplicity to your life by providing you with the ability to control heating and cooling systems, blinds, curtains and lighting, all from the same interface. No clunky menus to navigate, just well designed and laid out pages allowing you to easily navigate to your lighting scenes, all from the comfort of your sofa. 

The same interface across all devices

The Crestron Home app makes it easy to access and control every aspect of your Crestron smart home with the tap of a button on your device, or with the sound of your voice. Lighting, climate, audio, video, shades, security, and more are at your command, from wherever you happen to be. Experience rooms that awaken with a single touch and environments that adjust to your every mood. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe and sound, whether you’re home or away. Crestron Home elevates your living experience, transforming your everyday commands into instantaneous delight.

So whats next?

So that we can propose the right system for you and your family, we need to understand your requirements. We offer an initial free consultation so why not get in touch to discuss your ideas for your home. 

Amazing service!


I’d highly recommend Inspire Audio Visual. Amazing service from start to finish. Jonathan, Ben and team were incredibly professional and great/easy to work with. They listened to our needs and delivered beyond expectation. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.


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