The Process

Supplying and installing alone doesn’t provide our customers with the best systems or experience. Its about having key processes in place to ensure that a project runs smoothly, on time and within budget. 

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The process…

  • Consultation
  • Specification
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Handover
  • Handover & Aftercare

Our aim is to turn your ideas into reality, so during the initial consultation phase, we need to understand what you want so we can ensure that those ideas can be turned into reality. We’re experts not magicians and whilst we love to bring new technology into customers homes, we don’t want their peject to be an experiment. This initial key element to the process ensures that the installation time is completed efficiently and that all future maintenance and support has the required information to fault find and rectify issues. Once installed and programmed, we collate the design/engineering docs along with site installation photo’s so we’re able to support the system and provide continual on going assistance in the event a fault occurs.

  • Quality
  • Design Led
  • Simplicity 
  • Integrity

Consultation & Specification

What system is right for you and your family? Here’s where the ‘wants and needs’ are  established and a proposal submitted

Design & Engineered

The system is designed to ensure the proposed system is engineered to the customers requirements


Equipment is installed as per the design and engineering drawings, documenting all aspects of the install for future system maintainence.


Once the install is complete, we carry out the on site programming of the system based on the initial client brief

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

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