The Process

Setting out a clear process from start to finish allows us to provide our clients with a smooth installation.

Initial Contact

Having outlined your requirements by phone, we invite you to our demonstration facility for a display of your systems of interest. We provide by-room equipment options and cost estimates, discussing your lifestyle and current/future needs as we start developing your unique project vision.

The information gained at this stage will provide us with the basis in which your system will be designed, providing you with room-by-room equipment schedules and cost options.

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Design Process

With your system and budget confirmed, we begin the design process. We overlay a floorplan with prospective equipment positions and cable schedules as we plot audio, visual, network and lighting equipment, and control cable location, then


We provide you with your design pack for review and introduce you to the relevant project partners. Each Inspire partner is a field leader with the precision expertise needed for proper equipment handling and attentive décor integration.

Design Package may include:

Floor plans – including audio visual component, network and Rack locations

Cable Schedule – this ties into the drawing allowing your electricain to install cables at the corrrexct locations

Elevation Drawings of detailed areas – including cinema panelled walls or screen heigh and dimensions

3D renders – allowing the customer to visualize the space see our example here

Lighting schematics – full schematic drawings of smart home lighting examples can be seen here.

Project Management Schedule – including time line, handover with client and all appropriate H&S paperwork

Customer Handover Document – download a copy here to see what level of detail we provide you the client.

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Project Management

Working as an integral part of the build team is essential to ensure smooth running of the project from start to completion, so our project manager will engage with the site team to prepare them on the installation process. This relationship ensures that we’re able to supply and install equipment in a timely manner, allowing the build to proceed on schedule.

This phase also includes constant liaison with the client to ensure any amendments which are made, either by the client or the building contractor can be met with a practical solution. Our project manager will also attend any site meetings required as the build progresses.

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We oversee cable installation including testing then install all equipment racks and your technology.

We build your racks and purchase, test and configure your technology offsite to create ‘working systems’ kept updated with the latest firmware.

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Programming & Configuration

The pre-configuration part of the process (always performed offsite in our own facility) allows us to update all equipment to the latest firmware and then create a ‘working system’ with all functions requested from the client at the outset. Once installed, the system will then be programmed and or calibrated to suit each room.

Lighting systems are set to a standard which then allowing the client to live with the system before we return at a later date (2  – 4 weeks) to personalise/fine tune the dimming and control. Further amendments can be made, either by the client or remotely.

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With your system complete, we provide your family with a demonstration and handover document featuring detailed equipment how-to’s and troubleshooting sections.

Every Inspire AV installation features attentive aftercare in the form of anytime phone assistance and a 6-month check-up. After a year, we will provide specific system warranties.

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We Offer


Seamless Integration

Excellent Customer Service

Simplified control

Expert Installation

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