Title Image: A room in a manor house converted into a home cinema

Yorkshire Home Cinema Installation

This room, once a servant’s kitchen in a 16th Century manor house, is now a high-calibre home cinema system with integrated bar. Our client was looking for a place to relax with friends and watch Sky Sports, this room was chosen to be converted because it was no longer being used and had great potential to become a prestigious cinema conversion, this traditionally designed room was the perfect solution to do that and more.

We consulted on all stages of the renovation, from the interior design features through to lighting and cinema design. The home cinema design kept to a traditional style reflecting a vintage cinema feel so as not to detract from the property’s proud and significant history.

We specified and provided a Yorkshire home cinema installation with the latest technology (a high-end JVC projector, Control4’s dimmable lighting system and a 7.2 Denon surround sound system), and tied them all into a single touch-screen. This provides Sky+ HD, Blu-rays and Netflix at the touch of a single button. This project has helped our client re-discover an important pastime, and produced smiles all round.

The finished article contained:

  • A dimmable lighting control system that provides both dim and bright lighting scenes depending on what you feel like at the time.
  • A beautiful home cinema conversion that has been designed to the customers demands.
  • A secure network solely for the home cinema room, which the internet is fed from his business network. This is to secure his business network and to keep it completely separate from the home cinema network.

Take a look through the gallery below to see the end result, or click the How It’s Made button to see the design process.

Project Information

Year: 2014
Audio Zones: 1
Video Zones: 1
Location: East Yorkshire
Property: 16th Century Manor House
Installation: Remodel
Brands: Control4, JVC, Onkyo

This project was created using: