Imagine being able to listen to your music collection anywhere in your house at the touch of a button. A multi-room audio system allows you to listen to your favourite music in every room in your house, even in your garden.
You can achieve ‘multi-room’ audio by having different systems in every room, for example, radios in the kitchen and bathroom, CD players in each bedroom and a main Hi-Fi set-up in the living room. However, families and people who live together often have different tastes and this can sometimes lead to conflicts. Our multi-room audio systems easily overcome this issue.
We will install a discreet networked system which will have everybody’s music stored on it for use in any location in your house. This delivers easy access to music and radio in any room to whoever wants it. It can, for example, play different music in different rooms at the same time or simply play the same theme throughout the home.
Using either a dedicated touch screen, tablet or smartphone  your music becomes accessible in each designated room where you can listen to and arrange your playlists by song, album, artist or genre. No need for iPod docking stations these days either …. music can be streamed wirelessly, meaning when the next generation iPod/iPhone is released, it can still be used (subject to software updates). This way, your iPod can be integrated into the solution so that your personal collection can be distributed around the home from one central server housing up to hundreds of thousands of tracks.
When linked to the internet, you can also access many of the audio subscription services which allow you to choose to listen to any one of around 8 million songs from their library which is both legal and extremely cost effective with subscriptions starting at around £5 per month from companies such as Napster Rhapsody and Spotify. We install a range of systems dependent on your requirements and taste. They can also be integrated with a multi-room video system that gives everyone individual access to all media, everywhere in your home.
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