Home Cinema Incredible Viewing Experience

A simple home cinema set-up can be used as the basis of a complete home automation system. If, at a future date you find you want to add your bedroom to the system or make the kitchen into another audio zone, for example, it is a simple process, as the system is modular, and can be added as and when your needs change.

We can design a cinema system to fit in almost any property, whether you have the space for a dedicated system or not.

Using a wireless touch-screen, tablet or via an on-screen navigator you can browse the cover art of your entire DVD collection from your DVD storage device or VOD (video on demand) streaming service and select your favourite Hollywood blockbuster. On selecting the movie of your choice the system can be programmed to dim your lights to a pre-selected level, your fireplace turns on and surround sound jumps into life, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls.
Multi-use room
If you need a more discreet install in a room which is used for a number of purposes such as a living room or playroom, then a drop down screen recessed in the ceiling and a projector mounted on a power lift will give you the ability to transform the room at the push of a button. For speakers we use in-ceiling/in-wall items and for a cleaner look, the front speakers can be installed behind an acoustically transparent projector screen. Using speakers disguised as artwork is alternative way of adding audio to a room without the need for a conventional speaker system.
audio visual Home Cinema
Dedicated cinema room
Within a dedicated cinema room we use fixed screens, a fixed projectors and have the freedom to use in-ceiling/in-wall speakers/free standing speakers. Again, we can specify an acoustically transparent projector screen if a cleaner look is required. Integrating games consoles and adding dedicated reclining cinema seating is a common requirement within a dedicated cinema room as well as controlling lighting to enhance the overall cinema effect.
audio visual Home Cinema