Integrated Lighting Scenes

Lighting is frequently overlooked when during the design phase. It is one of the fundamental aspects of room design and can help change the mood and ambiance from one moment to the next.

Colour, texture form and shadow are all the building blocks for all that we can see, only light can bring these elements to life. How an object is illuminated is as important as is being focused upon. 
We use a variety of lighting products with a system designed around details gathered at the client briefing. Using colour washing, LED’s and dimming technology, we can complement how you are feeling or to suit what you are doing, scene lighting can drastically enhance your lifestyle.
These systems can be installed and integrated easily and at any stage of a project. For newly built properties and renovations, simple wired solutions can easily be installed before the walls are finished. We combine practical experience with aesthetic taste to light the stage of your everyday experience. If you are interested in creating interest and drama within your home, then let us light the way!

Lighting Control