The Full System Upgrade Plan
Photo Of Full system upgrade

Full system upgrade

We’ve recently completed a full revamp on a clients existing system after a previous installer had provided a system some 9 years ago, so was in desperate need of a update. When we surveyed the system, it seemed to be in fairly poor state, with the tell tale ‘rats nest’ behind the equipment rack.

The old system used a component video matrix, sending the video signal over Cat5e, so we made the most out of the existing infrastructure throughout the house and replaced with an up to date 8×8 HDMI matrix capable of sending HD and Ultra HD (4k) throughout the property. Whist the client only has a single TV capable of receiving a 4K signal, when they upgrade any other TV’s, they will be able to receive the signal. The Pulse Eight matrix’s allow us to monitor all the cable runs to individual televisions, monitor the device temperature and indicate whether there any issues with any transmissions to the TV’s, all remotely from our office … a really useful function, so we can diagnose issues as soon as possible. The clients Control4 system was completely updated, with new range of EA controllers and we also provided Middle Atlantic slide out equipment racks into their existing joinery so we could arrange all the cables in a tidy and organised fashion. This not only looks visually better, it prevents power and data cables being mixed (causing potential transmission issues) and also allows changes, upgrades and servicing to be performed much more efficiently.

As part of the rack change, we installed a patch panel rack taking care of the majority of the cables, enabling us to wheel the cupboard back against the wall, something that was previously impossible.

We’re available to offer existing customers with a 10% discount on Control4 products when upgrading an existing system and discount can be applied across the range as long as you upgrade controllers. Feel free to Contact us should you wish to talk further regarding upgrades or anything else you require.