Control4 Installation (retrofit)

Control4® Tabletop Touch Screen

We’ve just completed a whole house Control4 installation near Leeds which has been a huge success. Spread over a number of floors, the existing system was getting tired after 9 years of use and with a number of components failing, the system was becoming expensive to maintain as parts became obsolete. It was running a component video matrix with TV’s all on component and wireless touch screens across each room. The clients main priority was simplicity … they wanted to operate the 8 TV’s with ease whether it be watching a film from Apple TV, Amazon Fire or on Sky HD. The door entry system was also outdated and required new touch screens with access to their alarm system, remote CCTV access and remote garage door opening from the touch screens.

Replacement of infrastructure 

With only limited Cat5e to each room, we set about installing Cat6 to all the TV points so that we were able to connect to the new Pulse Eight 8 x 8 UHD HDMI Matrix and also connect their TV’s to the network so they could use their smart functions. We utilised existing Cat5e points where possible for all the hardwired Control4 T3 Series 7″ and 10″ Touch screens and added in a couple of wireless Contro4 T3 Series 7″ Tabletop touch screens.

As the old TV’s were no longer compatible, we supplied a number of UHD 4K Sony TV’s from their professional range …. the beauty of using these is that they’re IP controlled so no more IR bugs stock on the front of the TV. The Control4 driver for the Sony TV’s makes TV control more responsive and with greater reliability than with infra red.

Each TV was furnished with a Control4 EA1 making control via the Control4 SR260 remotes a doddle ( seamless control of TV and sources is one of Control4’s masterstrokes!).

The house is due to receive a substantial extension to the existing structure, so we’re looking forward to the next phase of this homes development and probably into one the largest Control4 installations in Yorkshire.