Visualising your dream cinema room with infinite options for the look and feel of a cinema room the production of a 3D render enables our clients visualise what their completed room will look like. From the moment we meet potential clients, we aim to establish who will use the room and how, so that we’re able to create their dream setup. Once the dimensions of the space are confirmed, we start to construct our initial technical brief in terms of an equipment specification to achieve reference levels of audio and video as the Movie Director intended their film to be viewed.

As part of our design package, a 3D render is created to really pull all those puzzle pieces together and present you with a perfectly scaled image of what your new favourite room will look like. With the dimensions and flavour of your specific tastes, we’re able to focus on the design features and how we will provide that ‘wow’ factor. Textures and colours of materials, lighting, furniture are all key elements and seeing them in 3D really helps to see what works together.

The below image is for an upcoming cinema room design which will seat up to five keen movie connoisseurs. Acoustic timber cladding will have LED lights inlaid and beautifully textured chevron wall panels, created from acoustically transparent fabric, will conceal the speakers leaving the customer to focus on the film in a beautifully designed setting.


We can’t wait to make this render a reality – if you have a dream cinema room / media room idea in mind don’t hesitate to get in touch and put our expert engineering and quality craftmanship to the test.