Garden Party Essential – Outdoor Audio

Following on from our recent blog on outdoor lighting we thought we would share our tips for ideal outdoor audio set up for a summer spent in the garden. Whether it’s streaming the radio for the kids during the day or sipping a cool beer in the evening sun with your favourite album – you need clear, balanced yet discreet audio placed within your garden space to really pack a punch when necessary.

Top 5 tips for exterior audio.

1: Infrastructure – the right cable for the right system and the desired set up.

Your cabling needs to be exterior grade to ensure that it not only supports your chosen products but also can endure the weather conditions. You also need to factor in the size and complexity of your system and ensure the infrastructure is commensurate with the power of your desired set up outcome.

2: Location / Placement – dining areas, fire pit, pool

Seems pretty obvious but if you are planning this from scratch and not retrofitting then you need to work out the zones of your space and envisage where you are likely to be enjoying your music throughout your day. Round the pool during the day, dining areas for meal times and surrounding the cosy fire pit when the sun has gone down.

3: Look – Bold / Camo

There are many options from bold statement speakers to GI Joe Camo ones that blend into the topiary – its up to you and what you want from the system. The key elements are that they are long-lasting and weatherproof – able to withstand whatever the British weather throws at it.

4: Wireless option

If you are looking for a portable option that packs a punch look no further than Sonos Roam & Sonos Move. It’s a durable wireless and battery powered unit that can be run stand-alone or part of a Sonos system.

5: Control

It’s so simple – search, stream, select, play all from your phone to multiple zones. You may already have a multiroom audio system such as Sonos within your home or even a Crestron or Control4 Smart Home Control system; why not extend this to your Garden and have your garden audio controlled from your phone / tablet.  Our Smart Home Engineers can help integrate this and the level of control and flexibility can be commanded by you, the homeowner.

As always, planning is key – If you are having your garden landscaped currently it may be worth future proofing your space and getting cables laid to prevent your flowerbed being in disarray in the future. For a free survey get in contact today, we would love to help create something special with you.