Automated Blinds & Shading : Lutron Blinds

World leaders in Lighting Control, even the natural light in your home can be harnessed by Lutron and their automated blind systems. Automated blinds that are beautifully functional and effortlessly simple to operate. Whether shading from the summer glare, protecting furniture from UV rays or just from a privacy point of view – Lutron’s range of blinds have a range of materials and finishes to compliment any décor, not to mention that they are made from sustainable materials. With Lutron, you are not restricted to one standard on-wall keypad, they offer a range of control options from an app on your phone, an astronomical timer pre-configured to your preferred timings, to stylish wireless tabletop controls.

Where to start when selecting your automated blinds?

Things to consider:

  • Aesthetic – Colour & Texture – Lutron have an extensive range of colours and textures to suit any interior. Browse through your available options using a comprehensive tool, look for inspiration, share with others and order samples to ensure you will love your chosen blinds.
  • Discretion – One of the key attributes of Lutron automated blind and curtain track systems is their quiet operation. No ‘clunks’ or ‘whines’ when they kick into action, in fact the Sivoia QS emit a mere 44DB at 91mm away from the blind allowing you to manage the daylight within your room without disturbing you. 
  • Wired or Battery – Whether you choose wired or wireless (battery powered) blinds, there is a system to suit all properties. Both can be configured to talk to third party control systems including Crestron and Control4. Wireless battery powered blinds offer the convenience of installation with no requirement for control or power cables. All can be controlled via the same reliable Lutron backbone enabling homeowners to raise and lower their blinds from a lighting keypad with engraved buttons or via the Lutron app.
  • Control – With an inbuilt astronomical clock, there’s no need for a timer on your blinds; a system can be programmed to raise and lower or open and close your blinds or curtains around sunset and sunrise times, 365 days a year. With the intuitive Lutron app, you can access your automated blinds home or away, setting new scenes such as holiday or away to save energy and provide an element of security.  
  • Finish – Lutron keypads and controls are easy on the eye, discreet and elegant and with a huge range to pick from you will be spoilt for choice with a myriad of colour options in matte, satin or metallic finishes.

As Lutron Installers we can provide you will the support in selecting your ideal window shading solution, even help you with the choice in fabrics and finishes. This can then stand alone, be combined with your Lutron Lighting system or be integrated into your Crestron Home or Control4 Smart Home.

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