Title Image: The front door to a London town house with a bench and potted plants outside the front window

Automated London Audio Visual Installation

This London audio visual installation our client wanted to come home in the evening, hang up his coat and find his favourite show ready and waiting; to have a shower whilst listening to his music; and for his system to be simple enough for any of his family and guests to use without a second thought. This is exactly what we gave him.

This London-based audio visual installation was built around a Control4 system, installed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly way to control the many types of audio and video throughout the house without needing a cradle of remotes. A wireless iPhone and iPod streaming solution allows music to be distributed to every audio zone, and a video matrix allows Sky to appear on every TV.

Every step of the project was managed through us, ensuring that the finished product was correct and well-made. The lighting designs were realised in such a way that made the space functional and the automation aspects were designed and built off-site then assembled and tested, to ensure a smooth and long product life. The overall result is a home that works for our client, and blends seamlessly into day-to-day life.

The client had recently purchased this mews property in Kensington; his plan was to completely redesign the structure, and was looking for a multi-room audio system and the ability to distribute sky throughout the house. We were brought in at the planning stage, where we could best make our recommendations, and pass on a cable schedule and design work to the relevant trades.

The finished product worked as follows:

  • An audio matrix-amplifier took audio from different sources (Napster, an iPod dock, a NAS drive with music, and the client’s phone) and distributed it to ceiling speakers within each room.
  • A video matrix distributed two Sky boxes to the kitchen TV, and to the two other surround-sound video zones.
  • A Rako lighting system in the kitchen to show off the space to guests.
  • Control of all the above features, and more, was provided with the client’s phones and a touchscreen mounted on the wall.

Take a look through the gallery below to see the end result, or click the How It’s Made button to see the design process.

Project Information

Year: 2013
Audio Zones: 4
Video Zones: 3
Location: London
Property: London Mews
Installation: Retrofit
Brands: Control4, Sky, Denon, Onkyo, Sonos, Rako

This project was created using: