London Town House

Home Automation Installation

Our client wanted to add a stylish and attractive home automation installation to this Central London Georgian Town House. The customer requested the ability to stream music from their iPhone to the audio zones throughout the home, control the blinds as they wake up in the morning. Using Control4 as the backbone for the whole house made this possible. With the installed system, everything is made so simple, to listen to music in whichever room you are in, the Control4 system remote allows the user to simply select ‘listen’ and then select the device such as Sonos, Rhapsody Napster or stream locally from your phone using a Control4 wireless music bridge.

This control system, audio visual and lighting installation was built around a Control4, installed to provide an easy to use home control system. The system allows you to control your home all from a single remote. The users have control over TV’s, lights, music, CCTV, alarm, heating and blinds. We also integrated a door entry system which communicates with the internal touch screens so when  a visor presses the button, a video call is made to the touch screens.

Every step of the project was managed through us working directly with the developer, ensuring that the project was installed correctly and adequately. The lighting designs were created in such a way that made the space bright and the automation aspects were programmed and manufactured off site, to ensure a smooth and long product life. The overall result is a house that meets the clients requirements and fits into their everyday life.

The finished article contained:

  • A beautifully designed house fitted with the latest Home Automation technology including an advanced lighting system to bring natural beauty into the home.
  • A house-wide music system, controlled from a phone or computer, able to access streaming services, such as Napster and Spotify, or a collection of locally-stored music.
  • A secure wireless network with full house coverage.
  • An integrated alarm, CCTV, high definition TV distribution system, blind control, audio distribution, lighting control system, integrated heating control – all with remote access.

Take a look through the gallery below to see the end result, or click the How It’s Made button to see the design process.

Project Information

Year: 2015
Audio Zones: 8
Video Zones: 7
Location: London
Property: Town House
Installation: Retrofit
Brands: Control4, Sky, Oppo, Sonos, Rako, Denon

This project was created using: